What is a pop-up?

A pop-up is someone who brings their product into someone else’s space and sells it to the public.

Where are you located?

We do not have a permanent location at the moment. You can check our events page to see when and where we will be popping up next.

Do you have a food truck?


Do you offer catering?

We rent kitchens according to our pop-up schedule. We do not have our own space at the moment so catering is unfortunately out of our realm.

When are you getting a brick and mortar?


Do you take reservations?


Are carry-outs available?

Due to high demand, we try to be fair to everyone and serve only guests who are seated. Every pop-up is different however, so be sure to check out our event page for more info on individual events.

Will there be a wait?

Yes, plan to wait. If we are popping up in a bar or restaurant we will have a host who will have a waitlist. They will text you when your table is ready so please go patronize another local spot and wait your turn.